American College Of Education

Dual M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

For graduates of the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction program

You know the value your ACE graduate program has brought to you both personally and professionally. Continue to develop your knowledge and skills by pursuing an additional M.Ed. in Educational Leadership at an accelerated pace.

How to apply

Advance your leadership skills with this online degree program.Check admission requirements.

To apply for the Dual Degree program, you must create a new log in and password, then submit a new application. You will need to pay the $50 application fee. 

Residents of Ohio applicants to the Master of Education in Educational Leadership dual degree program must:

  • Be interviewed by the Department Chair
  • Submit an Education Leadership essay
  • Have their school district submit a sealed Teacher Service Record

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership for graduates of the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

Graduates of the American College of Education M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction are eligible to earn a second degree, the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, by completing the following sequence of eight courses, which includes an internship and capstone experience. This option applies exclusively to graduates of American College of Education.


One of the most important components of your Educational Leadership experience at ACE is theEducational Leadership Internship. In the internship experience, you are able to put into practice what you have researched and learned in your online courses.

Course Plan for graduates of the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

Dual degree courses

(each 3 semester credits, except if noted otherwise)

Initial Course (3 semester credits each, except if noted otherwise)

This Course to be taken at the beginning of program

EL5753 Law and Policy

Remaining Courses (3 semester credits each, except if noted otherwise)

Classes to be taken during remaining terms (order based on availability)

EL5703 School Improvement
EL5623 Developing Teachers
EL5723 Resource and Fiscal Management

Courses above are not listed in order taken, order based on class availability per term.

Final Courses (3 semester credits each, except if noted otherwise)

These Courses to be taken at the end of program

EL5983 Internship Experience for Educational Leadership
EL5653 Professional Communities of Practice
EL5091 Capstone Experience for Educational Leadership (1 semester credit)

*be sure to maintain links to the course descriptions on the “Course Detail” tab for the edited information


The Educational Leadership internship experience at American College of Education represents an extended period of guided, professional practice during which the Educational Leadership intern takes increasing responsibility for the learning of P-12 students while under the guidance of a self-selected and approved mentor and an ACE faculty member. The experience is designed to address the Educational Leadership program outcomes though standards-based work in a school setting guided by a practicing school administrator. All activities completed by the intern are expected to provide administrative support to the mentor and school community in addition to instructional support to the campus in order to help increase student learning and achievement.

Visit the Educational Leadership Internship page here.

ACE has provided me with the academic opportunities and foundations necessary to grow and develop my leadership skills.

Irit Alkalay M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction 2012