Graduate Education Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching

Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching

ACE is not currently accepting applications for, or enrolling new students in, this program. Prospective students may still apply for admission to any other certificate program.

Technology takes student learning far beyond the four walls of the classroom, and today’s digital learners think and process information differently than previous generations. Because technology has changed how students learn, it also has changed how teachers should teach and communicate with students. Many of yesterday’s instruction strategies will cause students to "power down" in the classroom.

To help educators engage today's digital learners, American College of Education offers an online Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching. Students are admitted to the certificate program as students at large, and upon completion of the three courses listed below, they will receive an official transcript and a certificate of completion. Each course in this certificate program carries 3 semester credits.

The three-course sequence helps educators:

  • Design learning environments supported by technology.
  • Integrate technology into curriculum to maximize student learning.
  • Evaluate new technologies for personal and professional productivity.

Expand your digital technology skills for the classroom with this online certificate program.

American College of Education helps educators use technology to captivate students' interest and build on their innate curiosity. Through the research-based graduate certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching, educators from all disciplines will gain new ways of thinking about technology, student learning, and classroom structure as they reconsider the roles of student and teacher. All courses in this certificate program can be applied to an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction or an M.Ed. in Educational Technology at American College of Education.

Program Outcomes

  • Effectively integrate digital technology into curriculum to maximize student learning

  • Identify and implement best practices in use of emerging technologies to support 21st century learning.

  • Design effective technology enhanced learning environments.

Course Overview


Each course in this certificate program carries 3 semester credits.

Initial Course (3 semester credits each, except if noted otherwise)

DL5013 The Digital Learner

Remaining Courses (3 semester credits each, unless noted otherwise). Order based on availability.

DL5023 The Digital Educator
DL5103 Instructional Models for Digital Learning

Total for Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching: 9 semester credits

Course Detail

DL5013 The Digital Learner

This course examines the impact of technology on learning as well as how today’s student navigates a media-rich world. Topics include the human-computer interface, technology and the brain, diffusion of innovations, and connectivity through social media. The course considers trends and issues in educational technologies as well as research into the effects of technology on society.

DL5023 The Digital Educator

This course uses a project-based approach in studying technology in education, best practices for classroom teachers, and strategies for professional development in light of emerging technologies. The course addresses 21st century standards for education, educators’ digital presence, cloud computing, and digital ethics

DL5103 Instructional Models for Digital Learning

This course draws from multiple disciplines to explore design and strategies for computer- and web-based learning. Special attention is paid to collaborative learning, interactivity, assessment, and best use of technology tools.


Semester Credits Tuition Per Credit Total Tuition
9 $215 $1,935

Applicable fees

  • Application fee: $50
  • Technology and library fee: $10 per credit hour (for a total of $90)
  • Program conferral fee: $100

2015 total program cost: $2,175. For more information, visit the tuition section.