Concentration in Teaching Science

The Sally Ride Science Teaching Program

Course Plan

(3 semester credits each unless noted otherwise)

Initial Courses (3 semester credits each, except if noted otherwise)

This is a typical example of a course plan for this degree, subject to change based on term start.

CI5033 Creating Safe and Supportive Classrooms
CI5393 Teacher Leadership

Remaining Courses (3 semester credits each, except if noted otherwise)

Classes to be taken during remaining terms (order based on availability)

ED5013 Assessment Strategies for Improving Learner Outcomes
ED5153 Research Methods
CI5313 Curriculum & Instructional Design for Multicultural Classrooms
CI5613 Engaging Students in Science
CI5623 Foundation of Science Learning
CI5633 Inquiry- Based Science Teaching
CI5353 Standards- Driven Learning
CI5333 Student Engagement
CI5453 Learning with Technology
CI5091 Capstone Experience for Curriculum and Instruction (1 semester credit)
LIT5203 Strengthening Literacy (Non- Michigan version of LIT5233)
LIT5233 Prescriptive Intervention for Reading Difficulties (Michigan version of LIT5203)

Total credits: 37 semester credits