Is ACE right for you?

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Here are some things to consider when choosing a college for your Master of Education degree.

We suggest that you print out this chart and fill it in with entries from the other colleges you are considering to help you make your choice.


American College of Education

Choice #2

Choice #3

Price per credit hour

$215 per semester credit

Total tuition cost


Application fee


Technology fees

$7 per semester credit

Total cost for M.Ed.


Textbook costs


Scholarships or grants available?


Accreditation and graduation

Regional accreditation

Yes, accredited by NCA/HLC

GRE required?


Retention rate*


Graduation rate


Percentage of graduates who finish within 18 months


Academic excellence

Do teaching faculty have terminal degrees?

100% have doctorates

Challenging coursework?


Coursework aligned to best practices and standards (Common Core State Standards, etc.)?


Student to faculty ratio


Do faculty have relevant K-12 experience?


Are students given an appropriate introduction to online graduate level work?

Yes. All students attend Orientation prior to the first course to learn how to use the Learning Management System and other tools.

Are all lessons offered in a consistent format?

Yes. All courses are provided in a structured format with videos and transcripts available.

Syllabus and readily available course materials?

Yes. Syllabus and course materials can be viewed at any time during the course.

Clearly communicated deadlines?

Yes. Each course includes a calendar with due dates that can be synched to an electronic calendar.

Ability to work ahead?

Yes. All course materials are available on the first day, allowing students to work ahead on their own schedule.

Lifestyle fit

Course accessibility


Semester credits


Typical length of program

18 months

How soon can I get started?

8 start dates are available for most M.Ed. programs.

How many courses do I need to take each semester in order to finish in 18 months?

Courses are scheduled in five-week terms so that you can focus on one course at a time.

Are breaks scheduled?

Yes. See the Academic Calendar for details.

Mobile access

Yes—mobile app available.

Do I have to spend time commuting?


Do I need to find a parking place?


Do I need to attend class at an inconvenient time?


Library hours


Online library?


Career and skills advancement

Can I actually apply what I learn in my daily work?

Yes. ACE courses are job-embedded.

Is the program available in my content area?

Check Programs by Region.

Is the program designed to lead to career advancement?


Is the program tailored to current digital technology?


Leadership skills improvement

86% of employers reported in 2012 that ACE graduates are better leaders after completing the program.

Assessment skills improvement

90.7% of employers reported in 2012 that ACE graduates are better able to use assessment tools in their practice.

Student satisfaction

Can I speak directly to an alumnus or a current student?


Can I read student reviews?


Would students make the same choice again?

95% of students would choose ACE again.

Are students satisfied with their experience?

93% of students are satisfied with their experience at ACE.

Questions to ask yourself

Can I afford this program?

Does this program provide what I need?

Is this program available in my state?

Check Programs by Region.

Do I have the time and initiative to complete this program?

Most students report that they spend 25-28 hours per week on the program.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment: February 2013

* Retention rate is defined as the percentage of all degree-seekers enrolled at some point during a calendar year (less graduates) who remain actively enrolled as of January 2nd of the following year.