American College of Education Instructor Publishes Second Book, Beyond Books, Butts, and Buses

Apr 18 2014

INDIANAPOLIS (April 11, 2014) — American College of Education joins College Professor Rebecca Good in announcing her recently published book, Beyond Books, Butts, and Buses: Ten Steps to Help Assistant Principals Become Effective Instructional Leaders. “This is my second book which helps prepare ambitious assistant principals wanting to be our future principals,” said Good. “It contains steps that will lead those who are stuck in the world of day-to-day operations to find ways and time to prepare for instructional leadership.” 

Currently, Good serves as part of the core faculty for American College of Education as well as an adjunct professor at Concordia University Texas. In addition, she is the superintendent of the Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy, one of the first new tech charter schools in Texas.

Good began Bilingual and ESL course development at American College of Education in 2008 and continued into teaching in 2009. “Writing and teaching these courses at the college level have allowed me to help my campus leadership and my teachers because it keeps important content fresh on my mind,” commented Good. “I am a better leader at my bilingually-labeled district because of my work at American College of Education.”

“We are honored to have Dr. Good on our team and often hear how she contributes to our students’ lives,” said American College of Education Interim President Shawntel Landry. “This book is an example of how she wants to help working professionals, who are in a very hectic environment, prepare for the top school position while also avoiding burnout.”

According to Landry, one of the founding principles for American College of Education is to help secondary teachers and other leaders provide a better education in all school systems. “We seek exceptional teachers like Dr. Good to join our faculty to help our students provide a better education in the classroom as well as rise to the next level in their careers.”

Good’s first book, Understanding the Data Analysis Process Using a Collaborative Model, also helped educators improve processes by providing tools to increase teacher effectiveness. To learn more about Good, visit her website at Her books are on sale and available through most outlets.

American College of Education offers Master of Education degree programs for less than $8,000 in addition to certificates, paths to licensure and doctoral level programs. “We are proud to be the first online graduate school for educators that fulfills the promise of earning a quality, online degree on a teacher’s budget,” commented Landry. The college is known for high academic standards, innovative programs and quality student support.

Good adds, “Many of the teachers at my charter schools are ready to add to their skillsets through a university like American College of Education – one that is not as expensive as most yet has a great reputation nationwide.”

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About Beyond Books, Butts, and Buses: 10 Steps to Help Assistant Principals Become Effective Instructional Leaders
Publication Date: March 8, 2014 | ISBN-10: 1607098806 | ISBN-13: 978-1607098805