ACE Ambassador Initiative

Help educators reach their goals

As an American College of Education alumnus, you can participate in the ACE Ambassador Initiative.
ACE Ambassadors are leaders in their academic communities whose commitment to improving the quality of education compels them to urge others to pursue advanced teacher education.

As an ACE Ambassador, you would be part of a network of alumni helping to promote the College to fellow teachers and other school professionals. You would share information about your graduate alma mater and your personal experience with the College in a grassroots effort to help increase our student body.

You can earn extra money by acting as an advocate for American College of Education and highlighting how other educators, and in turn their students, can benefit from an online master’s degree, doctoral degree, or graduate certificate program from ACE.

As an ACE Ambassador, you become an agent of change for the College, as your efforts help us to enhance current programs and develop new ones.

Help spread the word about the opportunities for professional growth and career advancement at American College of Education! To learn more, contact:

Erica Schiller
Ambassador Program Manager
Send an email

Please note:

  • Ambassadors receive compensation for participating in graduate student outreach and support activities for the College, not for new enrollments.
  • State regulations prevent us from engaging Ambassadors in the following states: AL, AR, DC, IA, KS,  MN, NC, RI, SC, TN