Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact an Enrollment Specialist at 1-800-280-0307 or

Student Services FAQ

How do I order a transcript to be sent to my employer?

To request a transcript, please fill out the “Transcript Request Service” form found at the following link: Please note, however, that official transcripts cannot be sent if you have an outstanding balance on your account.

I am having difficulty getting a call back. What should I do?

It can be helpful for you to email as well as leaving a voicemail message. Below is a list of departments and their respective email addresses. If you have not heard back from someone within 24 hours of sending an email, then please contact our Office of Academic Excellence at

Enrollment Services: or 1-800-280-0307


Student Services:  or 1-800-280-0307, option 1


Registration and Records:

Office of the Bursar:  or 1-800-280-0307, option 3

Office of Field Experiences: 

What do I do if I cannot access readings?

Your first point of contact would be your professor. You will want to ensure that the reading has, in fact, been made available and to alert the professor that there may be an issue.

What do I do if I am enrolled in the wrong course?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at

What do I do if I cannot access my posting window?

If you cannot access the window, alert your professor so that this can be addressed for all the students in your professor's course. You will be helping your colleagues!

What do I do if I cannot access a course?

If you have enrolled within a day of the deadline, you may experience as much as a 24 hour delay in accessing your course. If the delay is longer than this, then please alert us at or by calling 1-800-280-0307.

Graduation FAQ

When will I receive my diploma?

You will receive a diploma cover at commencement, but your diploma will not be included. A diploma takes up to 12 weeks to process and deliver from the date when the degree is conferred. To ensure that you get your diploma, make sure your contact information is correct at MyACE Student Portal. Diplomas will not be issued if there is a balance or hold on your account.

When will I receive a copy of my official transcript?

Upon graduation, you will receive one complimentary copy of your official transcript with a watermark indicating that it has been Issued to Student. This will be sent to you electronically via Transcripts on Demand at the primary email address you have on file with ACE within two weeks of the date upon which your degree is conferred. For an official transcript without the Issued to Student watermark to be sent to another institution, you will need to place a separate order through Transcripts on Demand. No official transcripts will be issued if there is a balance or hold on your account.

Where can I find commencement participation information?

Information about commencement is sent to eligible candidates and graduates prior to graduation.

Whom do I contact for information on degree completion?

If you have any questions about your degree completion status or your grades, contact Student Support at or 1-800-280-0307.

When is commencement?

Commencement is a ceremony that celebrates graduation. ACE typically holds two commencement ceremonies each year, but that can change. Watch for commencement information on the Graduation and Commencement page of the website. Additional information about commencement is sent to eligible candidates and graduates prior to graduation.

How do I request an additional copy of my transcript?

Submit the Transcript Request Form. Transcripts will not be issued if you have a balance on your account.

How can I change my name on my diploma?

Diplomas will be ordered and printed for eligible students with the name listed on your current College record. For name changes, in accordance with FERPA regulations, American College of Education will require a Change of Student Information Form to be filled out and notarized for legal documentation, provided in order to update your record. Please note the rules below regarding name changes prior to making this request. Please submit a Change of Student Information Form. Notarized copies of acceptable legal documentation must be mailed to the College address listed on the form. A diploma may be ordered with a new name in expectation of a name change. If this is done, the diploma will not be delivered until an official Request for Name Change is provided to the Registrar's Office with supporting documentation. Any cost associated with the reprinting of a diploma caused by a name change will be charged to the graduate. If you have any questions, please contact or call 1-800-280-0307.

How long does it take to award my degree?

The degree conferral process after degree completion may take up to six weeks. If all academic and financial obligations have been met, you will receive a congratulatory email from the Registrar's Office.

When will I graduate?

The College has eight graduation dates per year (and typically two commencement ceremonies each year), so your degree conferral is scheduled around those dates. Once you have completed all coursework and internship or student teaching (where applicable), your degree will be conferred by the Registrar's Office, and you will receive a congratulatory email. If a single item is missing (e.g., review of your Capstone, or payment on your account), your degree will not be conferred. The College starts the degree conferral process early with a degree audit two terms before the end of your coursework. If you stay on track with scheduled courses and submit your Capstone in plenty of time for review, then the degree conferral is completed within six weeks after completion of all requirements. Keep in mind that diplomas take longer to arrive in the mail. Capstone reviews have a due date in Week 3 of the final course, which gives the faculty committees time to evaluate your portfolio. You will have control over when you submit your portfolio, and early submissions are allowed. You can plan with your Capstone Chair to meet the deadline. In the MyACE Student Portal you will see an Anticipated Graduation Date. This date is not your official graduation date; it may reflect a projected date when you began your program but it will be adjusted when the Registrar completes a degree audit and confers your degree.

How do I receive verification of program completion for certification or endorsement from my state?

In applying for a state certification or endorsement, you may need a verification of having completed your program at ACE. Please fill out the Request for Verification Form. Students with holds on their accounts will not receive a verification.

How can I update my contact information?

To view and update your record for accuracy, log into the MyACE Student Portal. Under personal information, you will be able to update your address, phone number and email address. If you need to request a name change, you will have to submit a Change of Student Information Form, and mail it to us along with notarized supporting documentation. The Change of Student Information form is also located under Student Request Forms. Additional Information can be found on the form. 

How do I know if I’ve completed all of my requirements?

The Degree Map feature located under the My Academics menu in MyACE Student Portal will help you evaluate how many more courses you must complete before you have met the requirements for your degree. Every degree program also requires completion of a Capstone experience (created in the Portfolio). You will receive a congratulatory email from the Registrar's Office once your degree has been conferred.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact Student Support at or 1-800-280-0307.

Coursework FAQ

Should I complete my coursework in a special sequence?

Yes. Consult your syllabus for specific information or contact your professor with any questions you may have relating to due dates, etc. Contact Student Services at or 1-800-280-0307 for a schedule of courses and for the start date for your program.

What do I do if I cannot access my course? Will I be allowed an extension on my work if I cannot access a course?

You will need to alert Technical Support at as soon as you experience problems. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please call 1-800-280-0307. You will also need to notify your professor about your technical issues. Extensions are granted on an individual basis based on your specific circumstance, and your professor will be the one to determine whether an extension is warranted.

Whom do I contact if I was removed from a course because of inactivity?

Contact Student Services at 1-800-280-0307 or

Can I access my coursework from any location?

Yes – as long as you have an Internet connection and the latest version of your browser. We ensure that Canvas is compatible on the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

How do I participate in the discussion?

Please see the introductory post located in the Discussion Directions of each module's discussion.

How do I reach my professor?

At the beginning of each term, look for the welcome letter or announcement from your professor in the Instructor's Studio or on the link on each course's homepage. If you cannot locate this, please contact so we can ensure that you are able to connect with your professor.

What is the Turnitin® plagiarism software and how does it work?

Professors are required to use Turnitin® software. Coursework submissions are uploaded automatically within the Canvas LMS.

My syllabus indicates different due dates than those appearing on my screen. Which are valid?

Your professor can answer any questions you have about due dates.

What is the Capstone?

The capstone experience provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate and document the impact of the knowledge and competencies gained throughout and as a result of the program. In the capstone experience, students select artifacts produced along with or as a result of course application assignments, or artifacts produced as a result of the internship experience (if applicable). These artifacts serve as the centerpiece of a culminating project that demonstrates competency. Details and requirements related to the capstone experience may be found in the Internship and Capstone Handbook within the student’s online portfolio. More information about all requirements for your degree can be found in the Catalog and Student Handbook.

Where can I find the reading list?

Reading lists for individual courses are located in your course syllabus document. In addition to course requirements, Educational Leadership students have a required reading list for their Capstone course. The Educational Leadership Capstone reading list can be found by consulting the Educational Leadership handbook. The readings are also located in the Resources (Bibliography and Webliography) located on the Modules page within the tree.

I am having trouble posting. I can't always access the posting window or even access the readings all the time. What do I do? Who should I call?

First, try logging in using a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome). If that does not work, you can contact Technical Support at 1-800-280-0307 or

Where is the portfolio link/tab? Why can't I find it myself?

You will be contacted during your second course with portfolio enrollment instructions. You will self-enroll in the web-based portfolio and will find all instructions and training materials there.

How should citations be formatted?

ACE requires papers, including citations and references, to be formatted according to APA 6th edition. However, some professors may require a few specific conditions to APA formatting to assist in their grading procedures. Please consult your syllabus and course materials for all course specific professor expectations.

Who do I contact if I cannot access my course?

Please contact us right away at, or call us at 1-800-280-0307 if you have not had a response within 24 hours.

How do I choose a mentor?

Information regarding the mentor selection process for the Educational Leadership program can be found in the Educational Leadership handbook.

Students in the Master of Arts in Teaching and Transition to Teaching programs do not self-select a mentor. The selection of a mentor teacher for student teaching is done in collaboration with the ACE student teacher supervisor, with the supervisor’s approval.

When are we supposed to begin work on the Capstone project?

You will receive access to your Capstone platform during the second course of a master’s degree program. Your New Student Orientation will explain the process in detail. Students-at-large are not required to complete a Capstone or portfolio.

How many hours a week of study are required?

There is no minimum or maximum requirement, but most students report that they spend 25-28 hours per week.

Is every course set up the same way?

Our courses have a consistent design, with a familiar look and feel throughout the degree program. Most courses include presentations, readings, assessments and discussions. Due dates are also consistent. Differences reflect faculty style, course goals, and responses to student feedback and performance.

How will I know what to do and when to do it?

Your syllabus will detail all assignment due dates. At the beginning of the week, be sure to look at the requirements for that week and build a study and homework schedule.

When do I take exams for my master's level program?

Most courses have a quiz per module with a final exam on the fifth and final module. The exam will be available online between 12:01 am Eastern Friday through 11:59 pm Eastern on Sunday. Once you begin the exam, you have a three-hour window in which to complete it.

Can I request a withdrawal from a program?

Students wishing to withdraw from a program should contact Student Support at or 1-800-280-0307.

What should I do if I am unable to complete a course?

Incompletes should be very rare in graduate school. If you experience an unanticipated event (e.g., a medical emergency), you may request an incomplete from your professor. Granting of incompletes is at the discretion of the professor and will be formalized between you and your professor in writing.

Can I access my new American College of Education coursework from any location?

Yes, if you have an Internet connection and the latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Technology FAQ

What are the basic computer specifications required for my course? Which browsers does the learning management system support?

Visit these links at the Canvas website for information:
Browsers that Canvas supports
Basic computer specifications for Canvas

Whom should I contact with technical support questions?

Contact Support Services at If you have not had a response within 24 hours, please call us at 1-800-280-0307.

What are the computer/technology skill requirements for using the Learning Management System?

Please click on this link to locate a comprehensive list of technology requirements: American College of Education Technical Support.

How do I get my American College of Education username and password?

Your username and password for starting your course will be emailed to the address you have provided to us in your application. If you need further assistance, contact or call at 1-800-280-0307.

Can I access my new American College of Education email from any location?

Yes, but you must have an Internet connection and a standard browser.

I am having trouble posting – I can’t always access the posting window, or even access the readings all the time. What do I do? Who should I call?

First, try logging in using a different browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome). If that does not work, you can contact Technical Support at If you have not had a response within 24 hours, please call us at 1-800-280-0307.

How do I re-set my password?

  1. Go to Campus Portal website, and log in

  2. Select "Student Users"

  3. Type in the name of the student and click "Search."

  4. Select the appropriate student and click "Edit."

  5. Enter a new password on the right side of the screen and click "Update" on the left side of the screen.

  6. The application will give the message "User successfully saved."

What do I do if I cannot activate my course? Will I be allowed an extension on my work if I cannot activate the course?

Alert Technical Support as soon as you experience problems at or at 1-800-280-0307. You will also need to alert your professor to your technical issues. Extensions are granted on an individual basis, depending upon your specific circumstance and at the discretion of your professor.

How do I locate my student ID #?

Your student ID is a ten-digit all numeric ID, located within your MyACE portal. Once you are logged into MyACE, go to the "My Profile" tab and select "My Information." Your student ID will be located on the right-hand side of the page.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Contact, or call us at 1-800-280-0307.