Digital Learning and Teaching Tips for Teachers

Saturday, November 24

Educators today can use technology to facilitate collaborative learning both within a class and across the world. Wikis, crowd sourcing and more can all be used to solve problems in the classroom. Learn more about digital collaborative learning through the Digital Learning and Teaching certificate program at ACE.

Wednesday, November 21

Because digital literacy is essential, low-income students face a greater risk of falling behind. How can educators help?

Visit Network for Good to discover how you can increase access to technology, and learn more about digital literacy through the ACE Digital Learning and Teaching certificate.

Saturday, November 16

One student is a whiz at multiplication, but he struggles with fractions. Another prefers to read, while her classmate thinks aloud. Meeting the needs of your class is a challenge, but one size fits all is not the answer! Learn to leverage technology for faster differentiation through ACE's Digital Learning and Teaching Certificate, and click here for a list of content differentiated websites.

Wednesday, November 7

Looking for a teaching position? Have a major curriculum project? Want ideas from the best and brightest? Don't get left behind—build your network now through online professional networking. Here are a few places you can get started: (Online social network for teachers and students) (Online lesson-sharing network) (Share video lessons with other educators) (A cross between LinkedIn and YouTube specifically for educators) (Nearly 200 million professionals use LinkedIn for networking and job searching, including hundreds of thousands of teachers)

Saturday, October 27

Spending too much time in center stage? Today's teachers need to spend less time lecturing and more time facilitating so that students rediscover the magic of learning.

Learn how you can become an effective guide on the side in today's digital classroom through the ACE Digital Learning and Teaching Certificate program.

Saturday, October 20

Remember when teachers had to lug home lesson plans and papers to grade? Today you can track student documents and projects through cloud-based programs like GoogleDocs. Forget something from home? If you save your work in the cloud, everything you need can be accessed where you are. Use programs like Evernote to collaborate with your colleagues. Start spending more time in the cloud today!

Click here for a great video on using Evernote for your classroom.

Tuesday, October 16

Trouble keeping students awake in your class? Learn how to create engaging digital lessons with a Universal Design for Learning. Download It's Not Your Old Lesson Plana tutorial by Dr. Gayle Owens of American College of Education. View in PowerPoint's "presenter" mode to view the extra content in the speaker notes.

Plus, see video comments from Dr. Owens following this presentation at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE):

1. What Teachers Should Expect from Digital Learning and Teaching Curriculum

2. Three Trends at the Core of Digital Learning and Teaching

3. Setting Student Outcome Expectations in Digital Learning

Wednesday, October 10

Want a new spin on a project? Try digital storytelling! Young students can use still images in a simple slideshow, and advanced students can combine video, transitions, music and voice recordings. Produce your own digital stories to teach new concepts and engage your students.

Visit The Center for Digital Storytelling or Digital Storytelling in the Classroom for more.

Saturday, September 8

How can you get to the good stuff faster? Flip homework with instruction! Assign engaging videos for your students as homework to provide direct instruction, then focus on collaborative and project based learning during the day. Students can review videos as many times as they need to, so you can focus on mastering skills and assisting students who need one-on-one help.

Visit The Daily Riff to read more about this innovative technique, and visit ACE to learn about the Concentration in Digital Learning and Teaching.

Wednesday, August 22

Learn how teachers can connect to today's tech-savvy students in this exciting podcast from American College of Education.

Saturday, August 18

Blog ideas for the classroom

1. Create your own blog. Introduce yourself to students, and link to relevant sites. Post thought-provoking hooks on your blog prior to new units.

2. Create student portfolios with major projects from each unit. Students can share their progress immediately with friends and family.

3. Have students create media-rich research projects with images, hyperlinks, and video clips.

4. Have students create a blog from another person’s point of view. Students can create blogs for anyone from Johnny Appleseed to Marie Curie, so this is great for STEM classes as well as language arts and history.

5. Jigsaw a lesson, then have student “experts” share information about their assigned areas. Students can review and comment when they have questions.

Click here to learn more about how to set up blogs in your classroom.

Saturday, August 11

Engage with your students, and embrace mobile technology in your school. Learn how to create a campus-wide mobile device policy, and get quick links for using QR codes and other technology in the classroom. Click here for a free guide!