DigiToolKit Webinar Series

The Department of Digital Learning and Teaching offered a series of webinars in 2013 to sharpen your skills and engage your students. Please share and enjoy these webinars with your colleagues.

More than pretty pictures? Using Pinterest to build a Personal Learning Network

Pinterest is a powerful tool for collecting professional resources. This webinar recording provides an overview of using Pinterest, setting up boards, and discovering how to find good resources.

DigiToolKit | More than pretty pictures | Pinterest

Why we love Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Minecraft: Essential lessons about gaming and education

Why do games like these draw us in and hold our attention so well? How can educators take these concepts and apply them in their classrooms? Join us as we discuss how gaming concepts can guide education. View the webinar.
DigiToolKit Gaming Webinar | American College of Education

Google does what? 20 new things you can do with Google tools.

You might know some of these already, but we guarantee that you will learn at least one cool new Google feature. Join us for a show and tell of some educators' favorite Google tricks and tools. View the webinar.

Google Does What? | DigiToolKit Webinars | American College of Education

Provide better student feedback using Jing

Personalizing and providing substantive student feedback, especially online, can be challenging and time-consuming for instructors. This webinar will introduce the use of Jing as a tool for providing more in-depth feedback with a personalized flair! View the webinar.
DigiToolKit | Jing for the classroom | American College of Education

Quick videos using Animoto and Popplet

Mission: Create a 30 second video in one hour. Listen to a discussion of video tools and their role in the planning and creation process. You will be amazed at what your students can do! View the webinar.

DigiToolKit Videos Webinar | American College of Education