Resources for Educators

American College of Education is pleased to offer the following resources to our students, alumni and other educators who would like to learn more about hot topics in the education community.

Crossing the Digital Divide

Today's students are digital natives who are comfortable with technological multi-tasking. The proliferation of technology affects how they learn and how educators need to reach them. In this WeAreTeachers WATcast, discover how to bridge the disconnect between the educational system and today's digital learners. Cross the digital divide and learn strategies for how to increase your digital instruction repertoire, regardless of the subject you teach.

Bringing STEM Education to the Forefront

American College of Education has collaborated with Sally Ride Science to help teachers learn effective strategies in teaching science and promote science careers to their students. Join our panel of esteemed educators in a WeAreTeachers WATcast as they discuss ideas and strategies for bringing science to the forefront of your classroom and your students' dreams. Participants include the late Dr. Sally Ride and Dr. Karen Flammer of Sally Ride Science, Sandy Fivecoat of WeAreTeachers, and Dr. Shawntel Landry and Debra Cannon of American College of Education.

Reading and Literacy Instruction with Dr. Louisa Moats

Reading and literacy are critical skills that each student must master if he or she is to succeed in education and in life. However, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to teaching students these important skills. In the WeAreTeachers WATcast, discover how teachers can access the tools needed to ensure that every student becomes literate and develops a love of reading. You also will learn about the benefits of relevant professional development and its direct correlation to students' literacy test scores.