Grading Policy

The College uses the following individual letter and numeric grading system. Grade point averages are computed on the following scale with points computed for each hour of credit attempted:

90 – 100%       A           4 points

80 – 89%         B           3 points

70 – 79%         C           2 points

60 – 69%         D           1 point

0 – 59%           F           0 points

The following symbols may also appear on the student’s transcript. These grades do not bear grade points and are not used in computing the grade point average (GPA)*:

I =            Incomplete

TR =        Transfer Credit

P =          Pass

NP =        No Pass

W =         Withdrawn*

*The credits attempted for courses with W grades are used in the calculation for cumulative GPA.

Courses with a grade of 'F' or 'D' will not be counted toward degree conferral and must be repeated.

All courses attempted will appear on the transcript. For courses that are repeated, only the most recent course grade will be used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA.

Effective October 8, 2012 term the following symbols will be used in portfolio, capstone, and internship extension courses and do not bear grade points and are not used in computing the grade point average.

CR =         Credit

CRE=        Credit by Experience

PR =         Progress

RV =         Review

Students have secure access to a personal online portal account with access to grades within one week of the course end date. Students can also access their degree progress at MyAce, which demonstrates their progress through their academic program.

Incomplete grade

A student who fails to complete all course requirements within the course period because of unanticipated circumstances or events may request a grade of “I” (Incomplete) from the course professor by email. A grade of “I” provides the student with extra time to complete course assignments.

To be eligible to request an “I”, the student must be in good standing at the time of the unanticipated circumstance or event. If the professor approves the request, both the student and professor must sign an Incomplete Grade Contract.

Students granted an “I” grade will have up to seven (7) weeks in which to finish and submit course assignments to the professor. If the student subsequently fails to complete all course requirements by the incomplete deadline as determined by the course professor and documented in the Incomplete Grade Contract, the grade of “I” will automatically be converted to an “F”.

Grade appeal

Students at American College of Education have the right to appeal a final course grade they allege to be the result of arbitrary or capricious grading. The following procedure provides for an orderly and equitable hearing of such cases. This procedure may not be used to merely challenge the professional judgment of a faculty member. In all cases, the burden of proof rests with the student.

“Arbitrary and capricious grading” is defined in the following manner:

  1. A grade assigned on some basis other than performance in the course.
  2. A grade assigned through significant deviation from criteria stated in the course syllabus, assessment rubrics or articulated by the faculty member.
  3. A grade assigned by resorting to standards significantly different from those applied to other students in the course.
  4. A grade assigned as a result of vindictiveness or discrimination.

A student who believes his or her final course grade is a result of arbitrary or capricious grading, as defined above, must as a first step in the appeal process request a conference with the faculty member within 10 days of the date the grade was posted and available to the student through the Student Portal to discuss the manner in which the grade was calculated. In actual practice, the majority of such disputes are resolved through this informal resolution effort.

  1. If a satisfactory resolution is reached that includes an adjustment of the posted grade, the faculty member will file a Request for Grade Change form that will become part of the student’s academic file.
  2. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the student may file a Grade Appeal Form with the Department Chair within 7 days following the faculty conference.
  3. The Department Chair will request a written statement from the faculty member giving the facts of the case and the rationale for the grade assigned. This written statement is to be submitted within 7 days of the request.
  4. The student’s formal grade appeal must be in writing on a Grade Appeal Form; additional pages may be added if necessary for a clear, coherent statement as to why the student believes the assigned grade was arbitrary or capricious. The appeal must also indicate when the student contacted the professor, and why they were unable to resolve the dispute. Any supporting documents must be filed at the same time as the appeal.
  5. The Department Chair will review the case after obtaining a written statement about the grading rationale from the faculty member. A decision will be made within 15 days of receiving the formal appeal form. The Department Chair reserves the right to request further information from either the student or faculty member, if necessary.

If the appeal is approved and includes an adjustment of the posted grade, the Department Chair will direct the faculty member to file a Request for Grade Change form.

If the appeal is denied, the Department Chair will inform the student and faculty member accordingly. Record of the decision will be placed in the student’s academic file.

  1. If the student continues to be dissatisfied and wishes to pursue the appeal beyond this point, the student may re-file a copy of the formal grade appeal and documentation with the Academic Appeals Committee. The written appeal must be filed within 15 days from the date when the Department Chair notified the student of its decision to deny the appeal.

The Academic Appeals Committee Chair will convene the committee to review the case within 10 days and notify the student, faculty member, and the Registrar of the final decision. If the appeal is approved, the faculty member will file a Request for a Grade Change Form. The decision of the Academic Appeals Committee is final.