All registration forms (i.e. Return from Leave of Absence, Re-Entry Form, Program Change Requests, Multiple Course Requests) must be received by the Registrar’s office no later than midnight PST on the Monday, one week prior to that term start for the upcoming term. Any form that is not received on time, has missing information or incorrect information, will not be processed. Example: Term start date May 21 – All forms must be received by midnight PST on May 14.

Student Request Forms

Form Name Description Due Date
Admissions Appeal Form For candidates wishing to appeal a part of the admissions policy Coincides with admissions deadline
General Appeal Form For students who wish to appeal a decision made by ACE Any time
ACE Grade Appeal Form For students who wish to appeal a final course grade due to arbitrary or capricious grading The Friday of Week two of the term immediately following the assignment of the final course grade
Cancel/Withdrawal Request Form For students requesting to cancel (new students) or withdrawal (current students) from ACE Anytime. For new student enrollment to be cancelled, form must be received by Midnight PST on Friday at end of the first week of the first term.
Certification Request Form For conferred graduates who need verification of completion of a program leading to a license, endorsement, or certification.
Change of Application Information Form A request to change student information for applicants (ACE students must use the Change of Student Information Form) N/A
Change of Start Date For new students wanting to change their start date at ACE Midnight PST Friday end of first week of the first term
Change of Student Information Form A student to request personal information change Anytime
Commencement Participation Form Sign up to attend commencement June 17, 2015
Complaint Form Student/Faculty/Staff Anytime
Doctoral Schedule Change Request
For doctoral students wishing to make changes to their schedule before the term begins
Midnight PST Friday end of first week of the current term
Drop Course Request Form Student requesting to drop course Midnight PST Friday of Week Three
Enrollment Agreement
Focus of study for Ed.D. Programs (Change or add) To change or add a focus of study to an Ed.D. program After completion of RES6003 or as needed during program
Focus of study for M.Ed. programs (Change or add) To change or add a focus of study to an M.Ed. program. Applies to students enrolled on or after the 2/22/16 term start in the following degree programs: Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology, Elementary Education, and Integrated Curriculum. Term before requested change or addition
M.Ed./MAT Transfer Credit Application

Ed.D/Ed.S. Program Transfer Credit Application
For new students to request transfer credit At least one term prior to the start of the term for the course(s) you wish to transfer in your schedule.
Incomplete Grade Contract Formal request, after instructor agreement, for an incomplete grade
Prior to term end date of course with requested incomplete grade

Leave of Absence Form Student's request to take a leave of absence Midnight PST Monday first week of term start
Multiple Course Request Form Allows students to request to take additional classes during the upcoming term No later than Monday midnight PST one week prior to the term start for which you are requesting multiple courses.
Payment Agreement
Program Change Form For students to request a program change Midnight PST Monday three weeks prior to term start
Re-entry Form A student to request re-entry into ACE Midnight PST Monday one week prior to term start
Reinstatement of Cancelled Student For new students who have applied within the past year but canceled a previous enrollment. Midnight PST Monday one week prior to term start
Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Request Form For students who need a replacement copy of their diploma N/A
Return From Leave of Absence Form A student request to return from a leave of absence
Midnight PST Monday one week prior to term start
Returning Student at Large A student to request to return Midnight PST Monday one week prior to term start
Student Teaching Application Application for Student Teaching approval for MAT and T2T students Last day of November for fall placement. Last day of April for spring placement
Transcript Request Service Transcript ordering link Anytime

Should you have any questions please contact Student Support at or 1-800-280-0307 option 1.

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