Grants and Scholarships

American College of Education offers opportunities to earn grants and scholarships to help ease the price of tuition. Below is a list of scholarships available from ACE.

Board of Trustee Scholarship

Each term, four (4) $500 scholarships may be awarded in honor of each of American College of Education’s Board members. Awards are applied to tuition only and are disbursed pro rata per term for the remainder of the applicant’s program until the award amount has been exhausted. Both new and current ACE students are eligible for the Board of Trustees Scholarships. Prior Board of Trustees scholarship recipients are ineligible for future Board of Trustees Scholarships.

Admiral Thomas B. Hayward Scholarship
Established in 2013 in honor of a distinguished former ACE Board of Trustees member, the Admiral Thomas B. Hayward Scholarship is awarded annually to one outstanding student who has served in the military and has demonstrated his or her dedication to teaching by pursuing an advanced degree in the field of education.

Required Scholarship Application Documents

To be considered for an ACE scholarship, applicants must:

Submit one (1) essay for each scholarship for which the applicant applies.

The essay(s) must directly address the prompt(s) provided, giving detailed examples of how the applicant has or will accomplish the stated goal(s). The essay(s) must be submitted in PDF format and must not include spelling or grammatical errors. Please note: Applicants are limited to applying for two (2) Board of Trustees Scholarships per term.

The essay(s) must include:
  • applicant’s name
  • name of the scholarship(s) for which the applicant is applying
  • date on which the essay is submitted.

Submit all requested documents

Letters of recommendation must be submitted on the applicant's supervisor's official letterhead, and must bear the signature of the preparer. All documents must be submitted in PDF format.

Where the scholarship criteria requires a copy of the applicant's tax return for evidence of financial need, for privacy purposes, the applicant must conceal his or her social security number and any other confidential information. Where the scholarship requires information regarding the demographic composition of the students attending the applicant's school of employment, demographic data that is not self-explanatory must include a description of what the data depicts. Please Note: Applications that do not meet the above stated requirements will not be reviewed.


The application materials for ACE scholarships are assessed against a comprehensive scoring rubric. Each of the required documents is awarded a specific number of points, with the majority of the points being awarded for the essay component. The total possible number of points awarded is 15.


Applicants will be notified of whether or not they were selected to receive a scholarship no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start of the term for which the application was submitted by an email note sent the address listed on the scholarship application.

Due to a tuition decrease for the Ed.D. in Leadership program, as of December 17, 2013, American College of Education will no longer offer the “$10,000 Grant Toward an Ed.D. in Leadership” award program. Continuing Ed.D. in Leadership students who were awarded grants under the “$10,000 Grant Toward an Ed.D. in Leadership” award program on or before December 17, 2013 will be billed at the new tuition rate. As of February 27, 2013, American College of Education will no longer offer the Referral Rewards program. We want to extend our most sincere thanks to those of you who participated and shared your love of ACE with your friends and colleagues!