Our History And Mission

A History Grounded in Innovation

Founded in the digital age, American College of Education exists to improve education across the United States through online bachelor's programs, graduate programs, and professional development for educators.

American College of Education has been incorporated in Illinois since February 25, 2005. American College of Education then applied to The Higher Learning Commission for regional accreditation, and The Higher Learning Commission approved this request in March 2006. ACE maintains regional accreditation through The Higher Learning Commission today.

The Mission

The mission of American College of Education is to deliver high-quality, affordable and accessible online programs grounded in evidence-based content and relevant application, preparing graduates to serve, lead, and achieve personal and professional goals in diverse, evolving communities.



The vision of American College of Education is to be a significant leader in higher education by providing high value, innovative, and impactful programs to its chosen markets. By unapologetically breaking perceived links between cost of tuition and quality of programming, the College will prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders.

Core Values

American College of Education has established a set of core values that undergird both its mission statement, and the goals/objectives established as guidelines for realizing this mission statement. Those core values are:

  1. Accountable – for our programs and for demonstrating their relevance and effectiveness through a multi-dimensional assessment system

  2. Affordable – committed to establishing and maintaining low-cost, highly affordable degrees and programs through scalable and efficient operations

  3. Accessible – committed to expanding access to higher education

  4. Technological – committed to using emerging technologies to transform the presentation, delivery, and evaluation of education for 21st century adult learners

  5. Innovative – committed to a culture and strategy centered around continuous innovation into the markets we serve, resulting in greater value for student learners

  6. Ethical – committed to maintaining strong integrity and ethical principles in relationships with all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and community partners

  7. Diverse – preparing our students to serve and work effectively with evolving diverse communities

Commitment to Freedom of Expression

American College of Education is committed to providing students, faculty, staff, and the College community at large the opportunity of free and open inquiry in all matters. For more information about this policy, click here.


American College of Education is a wholly owned subsidiary of Higher Ed Holdings, LLC, 2200 Ross Avenue, Suite 3800, Dallas, TX 75201; 214-438-4100.

Committed to providing high quality, affordable online programs

American College of Education is committed to providing high quality, affordable educational programs for teachers, administrators, researchers, and other professionals. The College increases access to educational opportunities by offering its programs online and reducing geographic and scheduling hindrances for busy professionals while keeping tuition and fees low. With programs grounded in current research, American College of Education enables its students to develop the knowledge and skills to be effective teachers and leaders.