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The institutional statistics most commonly used to evaluate a college or university’s overall performance are graduation rate, retention rate, and time-to-completion.  As there is currently no federal database allowing for the calculation of a cohort-based retention or graduation rate for graduate education, ACE compares its figures to the most recent alternative source for these benchmarking statistics:  the Council of Graduate Schools Master’s Completion Project (2013). 
2016 Retention Rate
The Council’s study, although restricted to MBA and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs, provides the best comparative data to date regarding master’s degree attrition and completion rates.  One-year retention figures at the master’s level are quite comparable at 84 percent for ACE and 83 percent for STEM programs, with MBA programs at 90 percent.  (The 2016 one-year retention rate for ACE’s doctoral program is 76 percent.) 

ACE’s cumulative graduation rate of 75 percent compares very favorably with the STEM rate of 66 percent while falling slightly short of the Council’s reported rate of 86 percent for MBA programs.  Of ACE’s graduates, 75 percent complete their master’s degree in 18 months or less, which is a very positive statistic given our adult students’ typical full-time employment and family responsibilities.

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