By earning an ACE master's degree, I feel more prepared to teach. My degree has prepared me to teach other educators about technology and how to integrate it into their own classrooms.

ACE Sara Lowe ACE alumna and Ambassador

Earning a master’s degree from ACE provides me eligibility for new teacher mentorship positions. My degree from ACE affords me the opportunity to effect change.

ACE Donna Patten ACE alumna and Ambassador

What I learned is still relevant for my science classes. I started reading more to my students and having them write and explain questions. These two 'additives' helped my students gain higher scores on common assessments.

ACE Mary Tune ACE alumna and Ambassador

I am so impressed with these assignments from American College of Education...finally something I can use in my classroom!

ACE Meghan Safranek ACE student

I was in a situation where cost, program options, and lifestyle fit were my top priorities. I discovered that the American College of Education fit all of my requirements.

ACE Shannon Schloss ACE alumna and Ambassador

I received my Ohio Educator's Assessment (OEA) score and as anticipated, I passed. I believe that my success is a tribute to the curriculum of ACE. I think this is important for future students to understand that ACE’s coursework aligns with OEA assessments.

ACE Clinton Fleshman M.Ed. in Leadership Alum ‘14 2014