Academic Degree Programs

A higher quality of higher learning

With recognized educational experts, respected instructors and relevant, applicable graduate programs, American College of Education offers exceptional online degree programs tailored to educators and leaders. All of our programs are currently housed in three departments:

  • Department of Healthcare – oversees all health-related programs, including the B.S. of Healthcare Administration and the M.Ed. in Health and Wellness Education

  • Department of Leadership and Administration – oversees all programs with leadership or administrative focus, including the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, and doctoral and specialist programs

  • Department of Professional Educational Studies – oversees all programs that are technology or content discipline-specific, including the M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology; M.Ed. in Educational Technology, M.Ed. in Advanced Studies, and M.Ed. in STEM

  • Department of Teaching and Learning (formerly Department of Curriculum and Instruction) – oversees all educational programs with a PK-12 teaching focus

To see the full list of our program offerings, please consult the degree options below.

At ACE, educators learn how to use current research and assessment strategies to create a better learning experience for their students. Our professors continually seek to enhance the quality, relevancy, and efficacy of our programs so that our graduates will become data-driven leaders.

ACE has provided me with the academic opportunities and foundations necessary to grow and develop my leadership skills.

Irit Alkalay M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction 2012