Online Paths to Teaching Licensure

Paths to Teaching

You can make a difference through a career change to become a teacher. ACE’s online Transition to Teaching (T2T) Certificate programs and Master of Arts in Teaching programs in Elementary and Secondary education may be your path to initial elementary or secondary teacher certification.

All programs offer convenient online coursework and a 10-week student teaching experience for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than education.

Become an effective educator with these programs that lead to initital licensure. Start your application, or check admission requirements for elementary or secondary programs.


A note about licensure

The M.A.T. and T2T programs are approved by the Indiana Department of Education for an initial teacher license. In addition to completion of the M.A.T. or T2T, Indiana has other teacher licensing requirements, including but not limited to CPR training and suicide prevention training. All graduates must first obtain an initial teaching license in Indiana before applying for a teacher license in their own state. However, states may have additional licensure requirements. Students are solely responsible for determining whether they are eligible for initial licensure in the state in which they intend to teach. It is vitally important that students know before enrolling and be continually aware of their own state licensure requirements.

The classes helped me improve how I taught my classes and prepared my lessons. I learned more about how to manage classroom behaviors and how to incorporate positive reinforcement.

Jessi Tymchyshyn M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction with ESL endorsement and M.Ed. Educational Leadership 2012