NBCT Credit

NBCT Credit

Teachers may convert their National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) work to college credit* at the following conversion rates:

  • NBCT-0001 National Board Certification Candidacy: Complete Score – Independent Study (4.5 quarter credits = 3 semester credits)
  • NBCT-0002 National Board Certification: Certification Accomplishment – Independent Study (9 quarter credits = 6 semester credits)
  • NBCT-0003 National Board Recertification: Advanced Professional Growth – Independent Study (4.5 quarter credits = 3 semester credits)

How it works

  1. Apply for admission as a Student at Large.
  2. Have the American Council on Education send a transcript of your NBPTS work to:

    American College of Education
    Department of Admissions
    P.O. Box 2185
    Indianapolis, IN 46206-2185


Tuition is $235 per semester credit. An American College of Education transcript of your converted credits can be requested here upon receipt of your tuition payment.

*Note: Once converted into college credit, NBPTS work does not transfer into a master's degree program with American College of Education. Master's candidates receiving NBPTS college credit will still be required to take the full sequence of required courses.