Change of Program or Course of Study

At times, students may decide to change to a different degree program, change their course of study within their current program, or change to a student-at-large.

A degree program is defined as a series of prescribed courses that lead to a degree. A course of study is a designated sequence of courses, which are focus areas within a degree program.

Students seeking a change of program, course of study, or change to student-at-large status must meet the admission requirements of the new program.

Academic qualifications for change of degree program or course of study

  • Only students who have been fully admitted to a degree program (without conditions) are eligible to apply for a change of degree.
  • Only courses successfully completed with a grade of C or better at ACE may be eligible for application to the new program.

Change of degree program

Students are admitted to a specific degree program based upon their qualifications for that program. When an ACE student seeks to change to a different ACE degree program, the student will be required to complete and submit an application specific to the new program.

  • The request is reviewed and approved by the department chair or designee.
  • If approved, the change of degree program will become effective the next term.
  • If approved, the student will follow the program requirements for the degree program that are in effect with the catalog that is current at the time the change is granted.
  • The maximum time to complete the new degree begins with the first term of the new program.