Board of Trustee Scholarship Programs

Each term, seven (7) $500 scholarships may be awarded in honor of each of American College of Education’s board members. Awards are applied to tuition only and are disbursed pro rata per term for the remainder of the applicant’s program, until the award amount has been exhausted.

Both new and current ACE students are eligible for Board of Trustees Scholarships. Prior Board of Trustees scholarship recipients are ineligible for future Board of Trustees Scholarships.

Applicant qualifications:

■ Applicants are welcome to apply at any time during the course of their program - or before admission.

The $500 scholarship will be pro-rated across the remaining time of the student’s enrollment.

A student may receive only one Board of Trustees scholarship for each program of study.

Returning alumni may apply for another scholarship.

Students may reapply for subsequent term/s if a scholarship was not awarded.

Processing system:

 From among the list of names below, please click on the name of the trustee whose scholarship suits you best. This will give you access to the application requirements and a brief description of this person’s accomplishments

Each application must identify selected scholarship and provide required supporting documents

Each application should reflect the focus of required essay

Applications will be processed electronically. No paper applications will be accepted

Our auto-responder will indicate date or receipt of application

Students may only apply for two scholarships per term, and must provide all required supporting documentation and a separate essay addressing the specific essay prompt for each scholarship


■ Application deadline will be on the Monday occurring three weeks prior to the start of each term

Applications received after the deadline will be considered for the following term

Applicants will be notified of whether or not they were selected to receive a scholarship no later than two weeks prior to the start of the term