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Angie Parker, Ph.D.

Dr. Angie Parker is inspired by the possibilities of online learning. She is particularly interested in online retention strategies for students and methodologies to inspire and motivate faculty. She has served as a Dean of Academic Affairs, and also Dean of Education.

In 2009, Dr. Parker was awarded the Fulbright Senior Scholar Award to research distance education in the five major universities on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The final paper was presented to the South African Department of Education in Cape Town and also at several conferences in the United States. Continued research on those very important topics will always be a part of her interests in education.

Dr. Parker believes every student has the potential to learn and to excel. She believe it is her job to know the needs of all of her individual students and to challenge them at their level. She aims to bring the latest trends to her classes and challenge her students to utilize these trends as they integrate technology.

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