5 Questions I Wish I Asked as a Pre-Service Teacher

November 20, 2018

5 Questions I Wish I Asked as a Pre-Service Teacher

Dear Pre-Service Teacher: There's a lot of information being thrown at you during your studies. I remember it fondly! But, having experienced the real world of teaching, I know there's more that I could've learned during that time if I'd only known to ask.

By asking the five questions below, you can be sure you're prepared when you finally step foot in your own classroom!

  1. What strategies can I use to stay organized?
  2. One of the toughest things for first-year teachers to overcome is the sheer amount of work. to do. So many new teachers find themselves spending long evenings after school, working on weekends and holidays, and combating feelings of stress.

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    You have a lot more to do than experienced teachers who have their lesson plans written and their materials prepared from previous years. So, you need to learn strategies to help you organize, prioritize your tasks, and achieve your goals in a timely manner.


  3. Where can I go when I need help?
  4. There is nothing wrong with needing some guidance as a first-year teacher, whether it is about working with a challenging student or navigating curricula and assessments.

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    As a pre-service teacher, you are surrounded by people who are there to guide you, but where do you go for help once you're a working teacher? Get this question answered ahead of time so that you always know where to turn with your questions.

    Group meeting

  5. What are the expectations of professionalism I should be prepared to meet?
  6. Your pre-service teacher program is aimed at preparing you to be successful in the field of education. But don’t just focus on the big picture; take some time to learn about the little things that make up professionalism, such as appropriate dress, email etiquette, and co-teaching expectations. These things are equally important to your preparedness, so make sure you are given the information you need.

  7. How can I improve my processes?
  8. The best teacher is the teacher who keeps learning and keeps improving, leaning on strategies for self-reflection. Being able to review your lessons and instructional strategies, reflect on what worked and what didn't, and make changes for the future are necessary skills for effective teachers. Learning these strategies is essential to your ongoing professional growth.

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  9. How should I take care of myself?
  10. Teacher burnout is an unfortunate, but real concern in our line of work. Developing habits of self-care from the beginning can help combat the factors that cause burnout. Ask experienced teachers what they do to cope with stress and what strategies they use to keep themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for their job.

Your time as a pre-service teacher is exciting and busy. You're learning a great deal about the wonderful world of teaching, of which you will soon be a part. Use these questions to make sure you are as prepared as possible!

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