Crystal Neumann, D.B.A

Assistant Provost, Business Professions

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Dr. Crystal Neumann is the chair of the leadership department at ACE. She previously worked in the marketing and market research fields before she transitioned to higher education to work with and motivate adult learners. Dr. Neumann holds a doctoral degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. She previously taught marketing and public relations in Germany, and worked as an administrator and instructor within higher education. She has been published in several journals, and has presented at several national and international conferences. Her research interests are in leadership, marketing, and higher education. She enjoys being a part of every learner’s journey and seeing their growth throughout the program.


Fishers, IN

Additional Location

Chicago, IL


Competition, faculty experience and qualifications, multicultural learning

Discussion Topics

  • Worked for University of Phoenix, can attest to the differences between ACE and its biggest competitor
  • Brought experience from healthcare and business to her work in education
  • Global culture and being an ambassador in Germany