Dan Jones, M.Ed.

Social studies and language arts teacher and recent ACE alum

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Dan Jones is a middle school social studies and language arts teacher at The Richland School of Academic Arts in Mansfield, Ohio, and has more than a decade of classroom teaching experience. His responsibilities encompass integrating Common Core Content Standards and State Assessment into the classroom curriculum and staff development. Jones holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from The Ohio State University, a bachelor’s degree in middle school education from Ashland University, and a master’s in curriculum and instruction from American College of Education in 2015.


Bellville, OH

Additional Location

Columbus, OH


Flipped classroom, distance learning, outcome-based model, project-based learning, technology in the classroom, bringing culture to the classroom

Discussion Topics

  • Flipped classroom model expert cited in research on the subject
  • Distance learning program using Skype to reach National Archives, US Capitol and other places around the globe
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Project-based learning in the classroom, which is similar to ACE