Dave Stuart, Jr., M.Ed.

History and English teacher at Cedar Springs High School; education blogger and speaker; ACE ambassador

Connect with Dave

In May 2012, while working on his master’s in curriculum and instruction at ACE, Dave started a blog called Teaching the Core (now davestuartjr.com). He hoped to use the blog to educate himself on the Common Core literacy standards, to serve as his ACE capstone project, and perhaps to encourage a few fellow educators. The blog exceeded those goals and has gained more than 35,000 monthly readers who engage in discussions ranging from Common Core literacy to common sense approaches to better, more sane teaching.


Cedar Springs, MI

Additional Location

Ann Arbor, MI – Baltimore, MD


Teacher burnout, student engagement, and support techniques or programs

Discussion Topics

  • Ongoing work with the Character Lab and pop-up debates
  • Teacher longevity, anti-burnout workshop, and his book
  • National Differentiated Instruction Conference in Las Vegas, NV in July