Michelle Herrington, Ed.D.

Assistant Principal, St. Lucie Public Schools, ACE alumnus

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Dr. Michelle Herrington is ACE’s first doctoral graduate, earning the degree in 2016 after also earning her master’s degree from the college in 2012. Her dissertation covered the impact of evaluative classroom observations on perceived teacher self-efficacy, and she continues to research best practices for teacher evaluation. Herrington is a champion for teacher collaboration, and says that collaboration between teachers is one of the most impactful things to come out of her ACE experience.


Port St. Lucie, FL (St. Lucie County Public Schools)


Teacher evaluations, classroom management

Discussion Topics

  • Transitioning from the classroom to administration
  • Dissertation was on the impact of evaluative classroom observations (in FL, the Student Success Act requires teacher evaluations that are partially evaluative walk-throughs)
  • The importance of collaboration between teachers (and the lack of time/resources teachers have to collaborate)