Rebecca Wiehe, Ph.D.

Academic Curriculum Director, Department of Teaching and Learning at American College of Education; Spanish teacher at Hudson High School

Connect with Dr. Wiehe

Dr. Rebecca Wiehe has 23 years of classroom teaching experience and works with ACE on revising and writing courses for graduate programs. She has a doctorate in curriculum and instruction and teaches a capstone class for ACE students. Wiehe has been honored for her work in getting English speakers excited about learning foreign languages, and the program she has built at her school has been emulated by several others. She has worked with her state legislature to pass legislation that allows students to pass a test to be certified as biliterate, going into effect in the fall of 2017.


Cleveland, OH

Additional Location

Akron, OH


Bilingual education, ESL, responding to other cultures, foreign language learning

Discussion Topics

  • Getting students interested and engaged in foreign language learning
  • How teachers can respond to the growing number of immigrant and refugee students in their classrooms
  • How bilingual students can improve academic performance and embrace their native heritage and language
  • The importance of a biliteracy certificate and why school leaders may want to explore it