Karen Hansen-Morgan, Ed.D.

Adjunct Faculty,
Department of Leadership and Administration

I have an EdD in higher education along with MA degrees in Communication Studies and Adult and Community Education/Curriculum and Educatational Technology (double major). I recently returned to graduate school to study Rhetoric and composit ion for a third master's in English. I have expertise in higher education, communication, management, quality, business analysis, training, and technical and creative writing with experience working in higher education, the pharmaceutical industry, government, health, law, property management, and agriculture.

Overall, my research consists of a pragmatic and broad intersectionality approach to the areas of identity, communication, and education. Each of my areas of study represents a junction of thought designed to advance the conversations that are difficult, yet necessary to build understanding between people of diverse (and often divisive) backgrounds. I use the concepts of dialogue and dialectics to frame much of my work, using critical theory to explore points of difference. Foundational scholars I often reference in my work include Martin Buber, Mikhail Bakhtin, bell hooks, Paulo Freire, Leslie Baxter, Angela Duckworth, Vincent Tinto, and Alexander and Helen Astin.

Research methodologies I have used and taught include quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, grounded theory, case studies, rhetorical, and archival, using big data, surveys, focus groups, and interviews in the fields of higher education, adult and community education, curriculum, educational technology, communication, rhetoric, diversity, disability, and women's studies.

Other areas of expertise include management, software validation, technical and creative writing and editing, business analysis, agriculture, property management, educational technology, leadership, public speaking, and organizational studies. I am also interested in the application of gaming interaction and technology to higher education (gamification). 

I write a blog where you may find dragons here: https://kmmorgan1227.wixsite.com/kmhm/blog


  • Doctorate in Adult, Community, and Higher Education
    Ball State University
  • Master's in Communication Studies
    Ball State University
  • Master's in Adult & Community Education, Curriculum & Instructional Technnology
    Ball State University
  • Bachelor's in Public Relations & Organizational Communication
    Brigham Young University

Research Interests

Student persistence, assessment, teaching and learning, communication, 19th C rhetoric, writing programs, research methodologies, leadership