Patricia Tobin, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty,
Department of Leadership and Administration

Before joining American College of Education, Dr. Patricia Tobin taught in the Arizona public school system both in-person and online for over 10 years. She has taught teacher education, sociology, and fine art courses at the post-secondary level for eight years.


  • Master's in Fine Art
    California State University Fullerton
  • Doctorate in Education
    Capella University
  • Bachelor's in Fine Art in Sculpture
    California State University and Long Beach

Research Interests



Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division (2012-2016)

Performed on-going research for student retention in drawing courses. Compared growth using quantitative data (likert scale 1-4) of learning skills in the areas of comprehension, craftsmanship, presentation, and writing. Data is utilized to improve curriculum content and student retention.


Principal Researcher for the Online Art Student Survey (2009-2012)

Study Title: Identifying the Perceptions and Experiences of Online Art Students Regarding their Successes, Barriers and Motivations in Online Art Programs.

This survey was designed for online art students who were enrolled in a four-year art degree program, had taken two or more online art courses and were making satisfactory progress (2.0 GPA) in their online art programs. Volunteers, who were asked to participate in the study, completed an online questionnaire which asked demographic questions and questions concerning the nature of the online art courses they completed. They were also invited to participate in a voluntary telephone interview at a later date.


Co-Researcher for the National Dissertation Student Survey (2010-2011)

Study Title: NDSS.

This research study was created to identify the experiences of graduate students in their doctoral programs. It was a survey that was designed to collect both quantitative and qualitative responses from online and campus based students who were currently enrolled in a doctoral program in the United States. From this study, it was expected that insights and themes could be identified and, therefore, students, instructors, and university administrators could benefit.

Grand Canyon University: Adjunct vs. Full-Time faculty Research Study (2009-2010)

Selected to participate in four-month pilot program at Grand Canyon University to raise student retention for 2009-2010 due to high student satisfaction surveys and general qualitative feedback. This study focused on the impact full-time and part time faculty have on student learning, achievement and retention. 



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Tobin, P.V. & Wargo, W.G. (Pending). Publication of Book: Post-Doctoral Job and Career Guide: “How to Find the Job You Want.”


Venecia-Tobin, P. (2015). Adult Art Students' Perceptions of Online Art Programs. Saarbrucken, Deutschland/Germany: Scholar's Press.


Tobin, P.V. & Wargo, W.G. (2014). After Earning the Doctorate: A Framework for a Specific Job and Career Seeking Strategy. Education and Career Online Journal, 6

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Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction Doctor of Education

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Ed.D. in Leadership Doctor of Education

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Certificate in Adult Education and Corporate Training Certificate

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