Student Support is available to answer any additional questions. Contact an Enrollment Specialist or Student Support at 800-280-0307 or
  1. What are the academic requirements for admission?

    Most graduate programs at ACE require minimum GPA of 2.75 from a regionally accredited institution, but there are differences among programs. Also, some programs permit provisional admissions (for lower GPA, for example) and some don't. Just to underscore the differences, some programs require that the applicant hold a teaching certificate--but not all. The best approach is to read about each program in the Catalog or Addendum.

  2. Can I take two courses in one term? How do I set this up?

    Students wishing to take a course load exceeding the regularly scheduled number of credits are welcome to complete the Multiple Course Request (MCR) form with ACE before they are eligible to request multiple courses.

    A separate MCR must be submitted for each term a student requests to take multiple courses. Please do not submit a request for a term more than two terms in the future.

  3. How do I obtain confirmation of transfer credit being received and accepted into my record?

    When your transfer credit has been evaluated, the transfer credit evaluator will notify you via email with the decision. Please allow at least two weeks for your request to be evaluated. If transfer credit is granted, the credit will be posted to your account in the MyACE Portal within one week from the time you are notified of the decision. Transfer credit requests must be made in a specific window of time; consult Student Support ( for information or look for more information in the New Student Orientation (online course available before your first term).

  4. How much are fees?

    We take pride in making costs transparent to students. To see costs for each program, click on the tuition tab near the bottom of each program page. The common fees are for application, payment processing (for students paying on an installment plan), technology and degree conferral. The Ed.S. and Ed.D. programs have additional fees such as Dissertation Fee and some additional costs. You may also refer to the Tuition and Fees page on our website for more detailed information.

  5. How long are the courses and the program?

    Our programs vary in length, and the number of courses may also vary. With continuous enrollment, you may earn a master's degree in 18 months. Most courses follow a five-week schedule. Please refer to the Academic tab on our website for more detailed, program-specific information. The Ed.S. and Ed.D. programs run on 10-week terms after the 5-week introductory course.

  6. Can a course be cancelled?

    American College of Education reserves the right to cancel any course. All tuition and fees paid for such a course will be refunded or applied to the following term. Also, the right to set maximum limits on the number of students allowed to enroll in any particular course or section is reserved.

  7. How do I obtain transfer credits from another institution? How many credits may I transfer?

    Transfer credit requests must be made through the online Transfer Credit Form. Please review the Transfer Credit Evaluation Criteria document found at the link above for the requirements a course must meet for transfer credit eligibility. Transfer credit requests must be submitted by the end of the first week of your first course at ACE.