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We know that teachers today face a variety of challenges, especially when it comes to classroom resources. As a college founded by educators, for educators, one of the ways that we give back to schools and educators is through our support of organizations who dedicate their efforts to providing resources for educators and students across the country. 

Thanks to our partnerships with Teachers' Treasures, A Gift For Teaching, World Vision, Treasures for Teachers, the Kids in Need Foundation, and many more, we have the potential to impact up to 176,000 educators and more than 5 million students nationwide.


Another way we give back to educators and their students is through our online degree programs priced to meet educators' budgets. We know your financial resources and your time are both limited. Our programs are specifically designed to alleviate those pain points so educators like you have access to advanced education and professional development to strengthen skills and stay current for the changing needs of today's classrooms.

With total program tuition just $235 per credit hour and $306 per credit hour for a master's or a doctorate degree, respectively, ACE is nearly 1/3 the cost of comparable online programs. 

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"The courses at ACE were so affordable that I decided, what the heck, I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. I’m happy to share that I was able to graduate debt free with my master’s degree."

- Chandra Juhasz

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