American College of Education Graduate Chosen as A Finalist in Coweta County’s Teachers of the Year Program

May 07 2014

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (May 6, 2014) — American College of Education joins Coweta County, Georgia in honoring recent graduate Pamela Barfield as a finalist in the Coweta County’s Teachers of the Year program.

“During National Teacher Appreciation Week, we are excited to congratulate Pamela for being chosen to represent her colleagues as Teacher of the Year at her school,” said American College of Education Interim President Shawntel Landry. “They chose her for several reasons, with one of them being her choice to continue her professional development and return to school for additional training.”

Each of these finalists was selected by their peers for the quality of their teaching, professional development, teaching philosophies and methods, community involvement, contributions to education, and their ability to inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn. They are chosen from among the certified classroom teachers in Coweta County Schools, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, including special education, physical education, art, music, and media specialists.

All the finalists were honored on May 1 at the Coweta County Teacher of the Year program. It took place at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts. “We want to take the opportunity to thank all teachers for their continued commitment and hard work in providing the best education possible for their students,” said Landry. “Educators contribute to our communities every day, and we are privileged to help them reach their career goals.”

One of the founding principles at American College of Education is to improve the quality of education throughout the world. The college offers Master of Education degree programs for teachers and other educators in addition to certificates, paths to licensure and doctoral level programs. The college is known for high academic standards, innovative programs and quality student support.

Barfield has been teaching at Georgia’s Canongate Elementary School since 2002. She recently earned her master’s degree from American College of Education and now is gifted certified as well. Landry added, “Thank you Pamela for your continued service in education.”

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