New Programs Launching This Spring

Feb 28 2017
ACE is happy to announce new program developments this spring! Beginning with the April and May terms, students will now have access to a new master’s program, and enhancements to our Advanced Studies, Content Area Instruction, and Integrated Curriculum programs. These programs will begin accepting students immediately, with the first cohorts to sit during the April and May 2017 terms.

New Master's Program

The M.Ed. in Educational Business Administration blends financial and operational insight with the foundations of effective learning environments so that graduates can make data-driven financial and operational decisions for a variety of school settings, other educational institutions, or learning organizations.

For more information, click here.

New Focus of Study Options for Integrated Curriculum

As part of our continued efforts to ensure our programs meet the variant needs of working educators, we’re excited to launch two new focus of study options to the Integrated Curriculum program so students can customize their coursework for their unique situations.

In addition to existing focus of study options, students will now be able to choose a focus in Early Childhood Education, and a focus of study in Learning Behavior Specialist. The Early Childhood Education focus of study helps candidates establish an understanding of assessment and intervention practices for young learners with special needs. The Learning Behavior Specialist focus of study provides a survey of issues related to working with exceptional children, helping candidates to consider appropriate intervention responses to a diagnosis, and appropriate materials and methods for students’ needs.

Both programs are designed to meet Illinois endorsement requirements. To learn more about these new focus of study options, click here.

New Major Courses for Advanced Studies

Prospective students interested in the Advanced Studies program will now have new major course options in Business, Early Childhood Education, Engaging Learners, Integrated Biology, Integrated Chemistry, and Integrated Physics.

To learn more about these new program enhancements, click here.

If you are a graduate of American College of Education and are interested in these new offerings, don’t forget about the Continuing Education Grant, which can help reduce the cost of an additional ACE program. Please visit for more information.