Educators today are teaching a generation of "digital natives" and the use of technology in the classroom is imperative. In 2010, The American College of Education surveyed students and alumni and the number-one request was a more advanced use of technology in the assignments and class projects. Our students wanted more education around leveraging technology in the classroom no matter their subject, no matter their specialty. And so was born the Digital Learning Connections (DLC) initiative: a college-wide plan to infuse technology across our courses and curriculum.

Through Digital Learning Connections, assignments in all courses will utilize both common and emerging technologies so our graduate students are exposed to new tools and have a chance to hone their skills for use in their classrooms and in their lives.

Below are various resources and tips on commonly used technology tools. Check back often for additions and postings.

Excel and Word help

How to embed links in Word and Excel documents
Embedding links in documents
Working with hyperlinks in Word
How to create a graph in Excel (video tutorial)
How to make timelines in Word

PowerPoint help

Embedding audio The difference between embedding and linking
How to record a narration
How to insert a sound object (video tutorial)

Taking screenshots

Tutorial from
How to take a screenshot in Microsoft Windows (from Wikihow)
How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Concept mapping help

How to make a concept map in Word (from eHow)
The basics of how to create a concept map
How to use Excel to create a concept map
Gliffy - a free diagram creation software
Webspiration - a concept mapping software you can use in your classroom

Helpful Student Tutorials

How to conduct research online
Owl Conducting Research
Creating rubrics with Rubistar
Video Tutorial from Rubistar
How to make a book trailer
How to create a survey with SurveyMonkey
How to embed a link in Word/Excel documents
How to record narration for PowerPoint presentations