ACE introduces new additions to Advanced Studies program and a new certificate offering

News | August 27, 2018

This fall, ACE is pleased to introduce a new graduate-level certificate and additions to our M.Ed. in Advanced Studies program. Students can enroll in these new offerings today and begin their first course  October 1, 2018.

The Certificate in Higher Education provides students with skills in assessment, motivation, learning theory, and instructional strategies to empower others, make a positive impact, and support senior level leadership in professional development.

The M.Ed. in Advanced Studies program will now offer a new Major option in Interdisciplinary Leadership, and a new focus of study in Community College Leadership. The new major consists of six courses that identify practices of exemplary leadership, asking students to engage in actions that lead to change through shared vision, analyzing processes, and enabling others to reach their potential through shared modeling and advocacy.

The focus of study in Community College Leadership is a four-course sequence centering on the unique needs of leadership in a community college setting. Topics include the historical development of the two-year college in light of 21st Century economic dynamics and how necessary changes can build community relationships, serve students, and sustain institutional growth.

If you are a student currently in the M.Ed. in Advanced Studies program, and you’re interested in the new major or focus of study options, please contact Student Support at or call 1-800-280-0307 option 1.

If you are a graduate of American College of Education and are interested in the new certificate offering, don’t forget about the Continuing Education Grant, which can help reduce the cost of your next ACE program.
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