Teachers' Treasures Elects ACE Executive to Board of Directors

News | April 13, 2018

Jaleesa Jones
Digital Marketing Coordinator

As B Corp Benefits Officer for American College of Education, KK Byland helped deepen the college’s partnership with Teachers’ Treasures, a nonprofit that distributes free school supplies to teachers in under-served schools. This week, she joins the nonprofit’s board of directors.

Byland, who also serves as ACE’s vice president of human resources, was unanimously elected to the board last Wednesday. She replaces ACE’s former senior vice president of enrollment operations, Monica Carson.

Byland brings a decade of experience in management, with a focus on developing socially responsible policies. She also brings a unique blend of business and teaching experience, having worked in the financial sector for five years and in elementary classrooms for four years.  

"Having a representative from American College of Education elevates our partnership, as ACE has its ear to the ground on what teachers need and what is going on in the education realm," said Margaret Sheehan, executive director at Teachers' Treasures. "KK is an energetic, positive professional who has done so much for our organization already. She can talk the talk, particularly when it comes to school leadership and teachers. [And] she is so approachable and inviting–she really knows how to make someone comfortable and engaged." 

“I’m honored,” Byland said of her election. “I love what Teachers’ Treasures stands for, I love the people there, and I feel like it’s a great fit all around. I also think I bring a unique perspective to the board because I’m a former teacher. So not only do I bring the partnership with ACE and the business expertise, but I also bring the educator perspective, and I think that’s crucial for an organization that's dedicated itself to helping teachers. So I’m excited. I think we’ll be able to take things up a notch.”  

As for the board's immediate plans, Sheehan shared that expanding the Mobile Outreach Program, which enlists volunteers to deliver school supplies to select Indianapolis schools, is a top priority. 

"We will be tapping into our board members to develop more relationships with potential sources of product and funding to keep the program growing," she said. 

The board is also working on a 2020 strategic plan to secure further funding and raise the visibility of Teachers’ Treasures among teachers in Marion County.

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