Office of Academic Excellence

The Office of Academic Excellence (OAE) is focused on student support in the areas of scholarly writing, disability support services, and career services. Additionally, OAE is developing a reading center and a technology “toolkit” center where students will be able to access helpful webinars and mini-courses on topics such as time management, navigating the LMS, and integrating technology into PK-12 classrooms.  The support services offered through OAE include:

  • Providing students individualized support in scholarly writing and similar academic needs

  • Assisting students in their pursuit of gainful employment
  • Coordinating Disability Support Services (DSS) for faculty and students

The Office of Academic Excellence does not assist students in understanding course content, as this function resides with our faculty members. When students contact OAE with course content-related questions, they will be referred back to their course professor.

The Office of Academic Excellence  provides academic leadership and services to students in pursuit of academic excellence. Individuals with questions or concerns should contact OAE via email.

Disability Support Service (DSS): 1-(877)-670-4523

The Writing Center: Current students have access to The Writing Center within Canvas. Scholarly standards, APA formatting, revising per Turnitin Reports, and full-paper reviews with a referral from a faculty member are all available here.