Catalog and Student Handbook

The College Catalog provides students with information about online degree programs, admissions requirements, academic policies, and tuition information.

2019 Archived Catalog Versions

ACE Catalog Volume 20

ACE Catalog Volume 21

ACE Catalog Volume 22

ACE Catalog Volume 23

ACE Catalog Volume 24

ACE Catalog Volume 25

2018 Archived Catalog Versions

ACE Catalog Volume 14

ACE Catalog Volume 15

ACE Catalog Volume 16

ACE Catalog Volume 17

ACE Catalog Volume 18

ACE Catalog Volume 19

Previous Catalogs


Download to view our 2017 Graduate Catalog and Addendum.

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Download to view our 2016 Graduate Catalog and Addendum.

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Download to view our 2015 Graduate Catalog.

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Download to view our 2014 Graduate Catalog.

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A Note on Catalogs

The requirements contained in the catalog or addendum at the time you begin your program will remain in effect for the duration of your student career in that program. If you are withdrawn or administratively withdrawn and return to the College, or if you elect to move to a new program, you will be responsible for the program requirements at the time you return or are admitted to a new program.

We recommend that you either print or save the PDF file of the catalog to your computer for future reference. In order to read the PDF documents, you will need a PDF reader. You can download Adobe Reader for free.