affordable online college without federal funding

Affordable Education Without Relying On Title IV Funding

You know the statistics: Americans owe nearly $1.4 trillion in student loan debt spread out among 44 million borrowers, according to a recent study by the Brookings Institute. That’s $620 billion more than the total U.S. credit card debt and the second highest consumer debt category, only behind mortgage debt.

Federal Funding Burden on Students

One of the ways American College of Education (ACE) is able to offer affordable online degree programs to its students stems from a founding policy of not participating in Title IV federal financial aid programs. These loan types too often burden students with crushing debt that can pose a real threat to their long-term professional and personal success.

ACE's Commitment to Students

“ACE puts students and their success above all else, and helping to keep them debt free is a crucial part of this commitment,” says Shawntel Landry, president of ACE, and a former teacher. “ACE is focused solely on [helping] its students make an immediate impact in their chosen careers. That is achieved through the educational experience we provide: one that is accessible and affordable for a working professional’s budget.”

Affordability Keys

Landry says ACE’s emphasis on affordability keys better outcomes for its graduates throughout the country because:

  • It allows students to focus on serving their colleagues and constituents when they are not worried about debt repayment
  • It encourages more professionals to pursue higher education, which in turn serves their employers, their colleagues, and their communities
  • It promotes retention so students who start degree programs at ACE are more likely to complete their degrees

Different Solution by Choosing to Not Accept Federal Funding

Among its competitors, ACE is the only institution eligible to take Title IV funding that has elected not to accept these loan types. ACE believes adopting its policy regarding Title IV programs could serve as a model solution across the country to alleviate the ongoing U.S. college debt crisis and help students achieve their goals without saddling them with debt. In fact, it is a solution that could be implemented across all realms of higher education.

ACE is committed to a tuition model that is based on the real costs of what it takes to create and deliver a world-class education. This approach has allowed ACE to focus on what matters most: delivering an education that is not only affordable but also exceptional.