Professional Licensure

American College of Education offers three degree programs and two certificate programs that prepare students for licensure eligibility:

  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership

  • Master of Arts in Elementary Teaching

  • Master of Arts in Secondary Teaching

  • Transition to Teaching in Elementary Education

  • Transition to Teaching in Secondary Education

  • State-Approved Licensure Programs

    These state program approvals make it possible for residents of many other states to become licensed educators and administrators upon completing the ACE programs. However, it is important for you to research whether you may become licensed in a state not listed above.

    The following states have approved the following programs as preparing students for licensure:

    Florida Licensure

     Florida Department of Education Bureau of Educator Certification

    Bureau of Educator Certification
    Suite 1514, Turlington Building, 325 West Gaines Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400 

    The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program has been approved as a preparatory program for persons applying for Certification in Educational Leadership (License Number: 3872)

    Illinois Licensure 

    Illinois State Board of Education

    100 N. 1st Street
    Springfield, IL 62777

    Course sequences meet the current coursework requirements for the Illinois English as a Second Language and Bilingual endorsements.

     Indiana Licensure

    Indiana Commission for Higher Education/Indiana Board for Proprietary Education


    101 West Ohio Street
    Suite 300
    Indianapolis,IN 46204 

    American College of Education is authorized by the Indiana Board for Proprietary Education: 101 West Ohio Street, Suite 300 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-1984

    Ohio Licensure

    Ohio Board of Regents

    30 East Broad Street, 36th Floor
    Columbus, OH 43215-414 

    The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program is approved for Building Principal Licenses (grades PK-6, grades 4-9, and grades 5-12).


    Texas Licensure

    Texas Education Agency

    William B. Travis Building
    1701 N. Congress Avenue
    Austin,TX 78701 

    The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program is approved as leading to administrator/building principal certification in Texas.