Affordable College Tuition

Our online programs are some of the most affordable available. The online format enables us to provide high-quality, relevant instruction at a lower operating cost, and we pass the savings straight to our students. Just compare the value of American College of Education to some other common choices:


Tuition details for each program can be viewed in the Tuition tab of the program's details page. Visit the Programs page to learn more about our available programs.

Paving the Way Forward, Without Federal Funding

Among its competitors, ACE is the only institution eligible to take Title IV funding that has elected not to accept these loan types. ACE believes adopting its policy regarding Title IV programs could serve as a model solution across the country to alleviate the ongoing U.S. college debt crisis and help students achieve their goals without saddling them with debt. In fact, it is a solution that could be implemented across all realms of higher education.

ACE is committed to a tuition model that is based on the real costs of what it takes to create and deliver a world-class education. This approach has allowed ACE to focus on what matters most: delivering an education that is not only affordable but also exceptional.

Tuition Policies

American College of Education reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees at any time with prior notice to current students. For more information regarding our Tuition Policies please visit the catalog.

We’re Here to Help

We’re always available to support our students. Reach out to Student Services at or 1-800-280-0307 opt. 1 for assistance with managing your financial relationship with the college. Or chat with an enrollment counselor for any other questions.