Microsoft 365/ Student Email Accounts

All students at ACE receive a Microsoft 365 account that includes a student email address. This account can be used to sign into Canvas, receive student email communications, and access Microsoft products (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Students will receive an email immediately upon enrollment to set up this account. All ACE communications will be sent to both your personal email address and your email address.

Students, please use the email and password sent to you to immediately activate your account at


About MyACE

MyACE is your personal entrance to American College of Education's online campus. You will need the user name and password created during your enrollment process.

Are you having trouble logging into MyACE? Contact us to get technical support.

Official Transcript Request

Current and past students can request an official transcript of your time with ACE. An unofficial transcript can be accessed or downloaded at any time in your MyACE Portal.

Student Request Forms

Students may access the forms here.

What Is the BioSig ID?

Beginning in January 2018, ACE will require a biometric sign-in for all courses. The sign-in process will provide our students with an additional layer of security and will also ensure the integrity of our courses.

All students will create a BioSig ID account during orientation in Canvas.

View this video to learn more about how to use the biometric authentication.

Please email Student Services if you have any questions.


Please review the formal polices in the ACE College Catalog.

Quick Links

Graduation and Commencement information is available here.

The Office of Academic Excellence (OAE) is focused on student support in the areas of scholarly writing, disability support services, and career services.

The support services offered through OAE include:

  • Providing students individualized support in scholarly writing and similar academic needs

  • Assisting students in their pursuit of gainful employment
  • Coordinating Disability Support Services (DSS) for faculty and students

The Office of Academic Excellence does not assist students in understanding course content, as this function resides with our faculty members. When students contact OAE with course content-related questions, they will be referred back to their course professor.

The Office of Academic Excellence  provides academic leadership and services to students in pursuit of academic excellence. Individuals with questions or concerns should contact OAE via email.


Disability Support Service (DSS): 1-(877)-670-4523

American College of Education complies with the law regarding disability discrimination and provides reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities unless doing so would cause undue hardship to the College. A qualified individual with a disability is an individual with a disability who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the professional or academic position.

To be considered for disability-related accommodations, individuals are responsible for identifying themselves and disclosing information about their disability to Disability Support Services or 1-877-670-4523. 

The Writing Center:
Current students have access to The Writing Center within Canvas. Scholarly standards, APA formatting, revising per Turnitin Reports, and full-paper reviews with a referral from a faculty member are all available here.

Accessibility Statement

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. American College of Education is committed to continuously improve digital accessibility for people with disabilities. The College completes regular self-assurance assessments of accessibility and applies the relevant technologies, as applicable to ensure continued and improved accessibility. We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on by contacting the College’s Disability Support Services at 1-877-670-4523 or by email at

Non-Retaliation Statement

No individual will be retaliated against for making a complaint about harassment or discrimination, or for participating in the investigation of such a complaint, or for submission of an appeal of any kind to the College. We consider retaliation to be serious and a violation of College policies. We will investigate and resolve complaints of retaliation in accordance with standard investigative practices.